ACT AC3315 electriciteitssnoer Black 1.8 m C13 stekker C14 stekker

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From C13 there is a C14 cable that is connected to a C13 stroom cable. You can use PDU's (Power Distribution Units) in data centers. ACT heeft verschillende soorten voedingskabels: CEE 7/7, Euro, UK, VS, Italiaanse, Deense, Zwitserse, Indiase/Zuid Afrikaanse cables. ACT levert stroom cables have voltage connectors: CEE 7/7, IEC60320 C5, C7, C13, C14, C19, C20 en IEC60309 CEE1. Please note that various types of cables and cables can be switched to different colors: black, white, red, blue, green and yellow.

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