Our secure payment
As part of a secure payment, your bank card number, expiration date and cryptogram are encrypted in the transmission in order to protect you and ensure that no data is transmitted unencrypted via the internet.

With Visa/Mastercard/Bancontact and others via our Financial Partner Stripe:
Who says money transfer says need to offer optimal security to our customers. Stripe offers you a whole range of advanced features allowing you to guarantee the reliability of your payments on many levels. The technology is secure thanks to 3D Secure 2 and has a system for controlling anti-fraud detection rules capable of blocking transactions that carry a high risk. This risk is assessed against objective rules (such as two payments in two different countries at a close time interval) but also using machine learning. A dashboard allows you to choose your settings, create new rules or deactivate them. These parameters are all the more important as PSD 2 (Payment Services Directive), which came into force recently, imposes new standards and in particular the double verification of the identity of buyers.