Sharkoon WPM Gold ZERO power supply unit 550 W 24-pin ATX ATX Black

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WPM Gold ZERO is available with modern LLC resonant converter technology. The optimum performance for your gaming PC's is guaranteed to be energy efficient. When the ZERO RPM function is activated, the fan will stop and then it will start operating no longer. Het semi-modular ontwerp zorgt ook voor een ne installationatie en uitstraling.Uitstekende energie-efficiëntie. From WPM Gold ZERO to 80 PLUS Gold certification with a minimum efficiency of 90% to 50%, even 87% to 20% to 100%. Modern LLC-technology. WPM Gold ZERO is equipped with state-of-the-art resonant converter technology. Hierdoor heeft of voeding een consiste en lage interferencentiespanning. Geluids- in warm levels worden zoveel mogelijk tot een minimum beperkt.ZERO RPM. From ZERO RPM-function this fan function is used to keep you running. Although the system is active, it does not take any effort to automatically activate it. RYZEN-ready in semi-modular mode. If you have a PC operating network that is installed on your computer, your cables will be installed individually. All ATX cables and 4+4-pin CPU cables can be connected to any cables. If the system is veel vermogen nodig hebben, zoals RYZEN, kunnen zonder adapter worden gevoed dankzij de tweede 4+4 pin CPU-cabel. If you have a word with two PCIe-/CPU-sockets written, you can also see the words written in your graphics card.

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