Logitech Spotlight Draadloze presenter Bluetooth/RF Grijs

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A complete new standard in our presentations. The combination of minimalist design and advanced functionality is even the result of indrukwekkend. Markeer informatie duidelijker dan ooit met het gevanceerde aanwijssysteem van Spotlight. Your favorite modus is to add new hair markers to your hair. The cursor is on the screen of the video's after you speak and listen, links open and enjoy it when it is interacted with. When it comes to storage, I don't have to store it when you use your laptop. Spotlight is on medium and is connected to the stand via USB-connector of Bluetooth® Smart. Spotlight is plug-and-play across most compatible platforms and popular presentatie-apps. Bovendien is the device that can be operated at a distance of 30 meters (100 meters). Houd de tijd perfect bij van de eerste tot de laatste dia. Stel getimede mijlpalen en de app en vous trilwaarschuwingen.

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