Logitech M170 muis Ambidextrous RF Draadloos Optisch 1000 DPI

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Betrouwbare 2.4Ghz draadloze verbinding. Sterke, consistente draadloze verbinding tot op een afstand van 10 meter. When we see the results of the event, we will see the flight in words. It is at least 10 meters, and it will be around 10 meters before the computer is installed. The battery lasts for 12 hours. If the battery is damaged, it will not be damaged. The temperature of the battery may vary depending on the computer's operation and its handling. The M170 remote control is also plug-and-play. You can switch to a USB port on your computer and it can also be damaged. I don't have any software you can download and you can download it. De vorm van de muis ondersteunt jouw hand voor urenlang comfortabel gebruik. De ambidexter vorm en de mogelijkheid om de functions van de rechter- en linkerknop om te wisselen, maken de M170/M171 tot de ideale muizen voor de rechter- de linkerhand.

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