Intel Core i3-10320 processor 3.8 GHz 8 MB Smart Cache Box

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The Intel Core i3-10320 is a 10th generation Core i3-series processor from Intel. This processor is not suitable for your computer. With a 3.8 GHz clock enabled by the i3-10320, it responds to your needs, and you can use multitasking, surf on the web, document and do so without delay. The i3-10320 has a dual-channel configuration with a maximum capacity of 128 GB and DDR4-SDRAM. Dit zorgt voor een soepele gegevensoverdracht en helpt bij het verbeteren van de algehele systeemprestaties. Met on-board graphics adapter Intel UHD Graphics 630 with i3-10320 and good graphics. Of course, there are multimedia applications, photos and video's are available for other games, the processor can be used.

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