Eminent EM3995 netvoeding & inverter Auto 150 W Black, Zilver

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The EM3995 12V and 230V switch are on the road and appear in the room. The USB port can be used when the USB device is installed. De aangeloten apparatus is veilig dankzij de vievoudige bescherming: onder- en over spanning, overladen, oververhitting en kortsluiting. You can also use accessories for your car. Wist je dat de EM3995 in de bekerhouder van je auto past? Various devices appear on the market on laptops, koelboxes, pumps and other devices. De EM3995 omvormer biedt bescherming tegen onder- en overspanning, overladen, oververhitting en kortsluiting. Please note that EM3995 has been removed from your car. De omvormer est niet voorzien van penaarde.

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