CHERRY HC 2.2 Corded Headset 7.1 Gaming Black

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From CHERRY HC 2.2 gaming headset - the ideal mix for high comfort and extra-long gaming headsets. If you have a perfect pass, you will have the right headset to use. Of course, it is connected to a PC and has a USB port, this headset is ideal for playing with other speakers, and for conferences it is possible to listen to music. The integrated USB cable is a 50 mm driver that has a breed of fluid spectrum that is well suited to the bass and has a high volume of fluids. Virtual 7.1 surround sound can be played locally. De oorvormige oorkussens zorgen ook voor een aangename geluidsomhulling. When you see the words, you will be able to verify them. The leather on the PU leather has a comfortable net with a removable earband with silicone luchtkussen in the upper hoofdgedeelte. The volume and volume of your voice may be directly affected by the telephone on your device. The microphone is via a 3.5 mm AUX-plug and the headset can be used. The integrated LED all has to be mute-status in one oogopslag. Indian nodig kan het bijgeleverde microfoonwindscherm erover worden geschoven om ademgeruis te verminderen. From LED, to white and elegant monochroom-rode verlichting van het CHERRY-logo maken het je gemakkelijk de headset te bruiken, zelfs en het donker. De headset is opvouwbaar, zodat je deze overal mee naartoe kunt nemen. For Windows PC via USB, CHERRY Gaming Software / Audio Center provides functions. I have the Audio Center integrated into the Cherry Assistant where you can use the audio center to pass it on. In the Audio Center you have the option to activate the microphone volume by selecting the surround sound.

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