ASUS PRIME B550M-A WIFI II AMD B550 Socket AM4 micro ATX

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From ASUS Prime-serie is available on the high potential of the 5000-serie/ 5000 G-serie/ 4000 G-serie/ 3000-serie AMD Ryzen-platform you have. You have a robust stroomontwerp, uitgebreide koeloplossingen en intelligent tuning-opties, biden de Prime B550-serie moederborden dagelijkse gebruikers en doe-het-zelf PC-bouwers een scala aan performance tuning-opties via intuïtieve software- en firmwarefuncties. It is best suited to the basis of the ASUS Prime series. The Prime B550 is equipped with flexible tools and is equipped with a tuned system that allows for maximum productivity. The ASUS UEFI BIOS has been updated and you have to configure your system, tweak the settings. You can intelligently check out the options for PC DIY beginners, but also have some useful functions for older veterans. You can intuitively use the modus die via the UEFI word to change, you can control it. There are some functions that you can use to find out which options you have, and some of the functions you need to know are intelligent and easy to use. From EZ-modus we have vital information and statistics that include wizards, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to pass the information - it's all about how I can help you rig up and run it in one place. Control of individual ventilator controls at a simple curve with a minimum curve. EZ You can also use Aura RGB lighting on the onboard LED to create an aesthetic tint. Prime B550-serie is equipped with more onboard heatsinks and hybrid ventilator headers which are equipped with the same rig which is stable and intensely powered. A VRM heatsink puts a thermal pad on the heat exchanger of MOSFET's in chokes for your best performance. The Prime B550-series can be configured via Fan Xpert 2+ software via the UEFI BIOS. The header can be dynamically turned on by thermal sensors. Met Fan A special integrated circuit includes the fan header that overhits in the overroom. Elke onboard chassis ventilator header on-board PWM in DC-modus. The Prime B550 has all the fundamentals of how to stimulate your productivity, when your system is activated, it is easy to understand, it is intuitive and flexible overdrachtsopties. PCIe 4.0 M.2 supports 22110 and NVMe SSD RAID support for extended performance boost. Maak een RAID-configuration with maximum PCIe 4.0 installed where it is capable of overloading the AMD Ryzen™ 5000-serie / 3000-serie processors. Wi-Fi 6-module is compatible with 802.11ax-standard and has a theoretical bandwidth of up to 2.4 Gbps. Please note that for power users: this is geo-optimal for efficient operation of the network with the ability to compete. You can now find ASUS WiFi 6 routers where the network potential of WiFi 6 is fully supported. This USB-poorten ondersteunen high-end rigs vol randapparatuur, includiftwee USB Type-A aansluitingen op het achterpaneel met snelle USB 3.2 Gen 2 connectiviteit voor compatibele cases. From Prime B550-series you can get details of the details that are available, including exclusive codecs and audio converters that are intuitive to use with RGB control systems that you can use to create them. Intelligent control of the hardware provides audio input. This system has a green and aesthetic appearance. ASUS Aura has fully-fledged RGB controls with functional presets for RGB LED strips that can be adjusted using RGB headers on board. From the Gen 2 address header, there is no LED that has a tweed generation address, the RGB device is detected, the software automatically switches the effect to a specified device. The new header can also be purchased for compatibility with the best Aura RGB device. Armory Crate is a new software program that is not used to centralize your control over ondersteunde products. Vanuit has an intuitive interface that uses Armory Crate to enable RGB lighting to enable it to be compatible with your arsenal.

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