Aerocool Orbit RC 3x120MM RGB/GAMING +Remote 14.1dB/ RGB

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The Aerocool Orbit RC is equipped with a high-capacity fan that has a RGB control system that can be switched on and off. The Orbit RC is perfect for gaming- of RGB-build. Met a fan diameter of 12 cm and a maximum rotation of 1200 RPM from Orbit RC for optimal lighting in the system. Deze ventilator houdt je componenten koel, zelfs tijdens intense gaming-sessions of zware belastingen. Please note that the high capacity of the ventilator will allow you to operate it in a long time. Met a fluid level of 14.1 dB when the Orbit RC is still fluctuating. Dit betekent dat je kunt genieten van een rustige en ongestoorde game-ervaring, zonder hinderlijk lawaai van je ventilatoren. With a maximum airflow of 55.9 cfm and a maximum airflow of 1.15 mmH2O, the Orbit RC provides maximum performance. You can use efficient ventilation to help with the heating of the system, which means that the temperature will be correct and the services will be verified. From Orbit RC, the word is set to RGB lighting, and the system can be customized and visually displayed to create. If you have a hand-operated bediening, you can see the colors, you can see them in the right light, and you can create the perfect color in the past.

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