ACT AC8125 notebook standaard Gray 39.6 cm (15.6")

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The AC8125 is a USB-C docking station in laptop stand. You can use 4K HDMI port, 100W Power Delivery Pass-Through port, Gigabit LAN port, and also USB-A data port to my laptop. The standard can be found in various positions when it comes to the delivery of best products and services. The docking station is ready to be used by a USB-C port on your laptop. The AC8125 is a docking station on standby. The laptop plug comes with a USB-C cable and docking station. The docking station is available in the following words. So you can find the USB-C port on the docking station at the top of the USB-C port on the laptop. The door is equipped with a docking station and I play a laptop with 4K HDMI connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet, 100W PD Pass-Through port, which can also be accessed by USB-A data port. De stand kan zo neergezet dat je de beste kijkhoek krijgt. The anti-slip rubber pads are designed for the notebook on the white boards. Het open ontwerp van de laptop standaard voorkomt oververhitting van de laptop. The light in your room will be warm and cold. From AC8125 it is light in operation. Neem het docking station/laptop stand eenvoudig mee in een pile. The USB-C cable can be found in the standard version.

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