ACT AC7845 HDMI video switch

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From AC7845 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 you can use 3 HDMI-connected TV/screws. Het chakelen tussen de bronnen gaat gemakkelijk mit de meegeleverde afstandsbediening. The AC7845 automatically switches to automatic input sensing. Maximum overall resolution is 3840x2160 @ 30Hz. Bekijk drie HDMI-bronnen op één tv This AC7845 4K 3x1 HDMI Switch is available for various video clips on TV. Bijvoorbeeld een laptop, gameconsole of TV streamer. The AC7845 has an Auto-Input-Sensing switch that can be detected. Select the HDMI-bronze mode and monitor the support settings. De status-leds laten zien welke inputpoorten bezet zijn. Sluit I appear aan The video source uses High Speed ​​HDMI cables with HDMI input ports from the AC7845 HDMI Switch. Connect a TV/monitor with a High Speed ​​HDMI cable to an output port with a switch. The maximum length of your HDMI cable is 5 meters. From AC7845 wordt sent via meegeleverde USB cable.

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