Silicon Power SP008GBLFU320X02 Geheugenmodule 8 GB 1 x 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz

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This DDR4 UDIMM-series is widely used in the current system and is capable of operating at up to 3200 MT/s in the sector. It is DDR4-technology which means that it is also used, DDR3, which has more bandwidth and more energy-efficiency. If you want to upgrade your data-intensive program, you will be able to download it quickly and easily. However, this is a possible remedy for your computer, but it can also cause energy consumption and damage to the system hardware. The upgrade service is a DDR4 UDIMM series for a slimmer energy source with a lower voltage of 1.2V. Dit vermindert het stroomverbruik en vergelijking met de vorige DDR3 1.5V module. However, the temperature of the computer is slightly higher and the temperature is higher, which means that it remains stable in a long time with the hardware system. Benieuwd of my new module so that it functions in my new rig of vertical or computer? This DDR4 UDIMM series is compatible with a scala breed on desktop PC's. If the module is not installed, it will be rebooted in blue and the module is unstable. This DDR4 UDIMM series is 100% manufactured by manufacturer and has a higher level of stability, durability and guarantee. If you do not have any previous instructions, you will also find that the door is fully guaranteed by the fully-fledged Silicon Power technology on which it is supplied. Internal capacity: 8 GB Geheugenlayout: 1 x 8 GB Internal type: DDR4 Current frequency: 3200 MHz Geheugen form factor: 288-pin DIMM CAS-latentity: 22

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