Sharkoon Skiller SGM3 with Rechthandig RF Wireless + USB Type-A Optisch 6000 DPI

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The SKILLER SGM3 is designed for maximum gaming performance by Sharkoon. If you have any words that you hear in normal verbing, you may hear the USB-cable cable. An integrated lithium-ion battery can be used for a long time in its current mode. Deze kan gemakkelijke worden opgeladen tijdens het gamen of, als alternatief, draadloos. An optical sensor sets up to 6,000 DPI when programmed to allow precise control. The Skiller-logo with RGB-verlichting is neither DPI- en battery-indicator, but you can also see the visual accent. Dubbele connectivity. The SKILLER SGM3 can be used to operate via 2.4 GHz technology. Your bed will be written with a written text label with a USB plug attached. You can use the following wording: USB-nano-ontvanger meegeleverd. Via plug-and-play, you can click on and play a game that allows you to play a limited number of games. A high-precision 6,000 DPI optical sensor with a polling rate of 1,000 Hz is fitted with the SKILLER SGM3 which limits your competitive gaming. If you do not have optional gaming software, you can choose to use it depending on the settings, DPI levels, macro configurations, etc. Perfect settings. Of this we have the game: your comfort level and the SKILLER SGM3's rubber grips are on the bottom. All these words are written in the software category. Special DPI-switches, scroll buttons and other buttons can be downloaded and the software can be downloaded and downloaded. When the SKILLER-logo appears on the SKILLER SGM3 logo, it does not contain any extra accents, but it also has the selected DPI-level at the same time as the battery level. Met de downloadbare software kan het hawenste DPI-nummer en de verlichtingskleur (uit 16.8 miljoen kleuren) voor elk DPI-level afzonderlijk worden ingesteld.Zonder bedrading. The SKILLER SGM3 lithium-ion battery pack is used for gaming and can be downloaded from the SKILLER SGM3 game via USB. The battery level is at the moment when the software is controlled. The verlichte SKILLER-logo knippert ook zodra een kritieke drempelwaarde is correct.

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