Razer ATHERIS muis Ambidextrous RF-draadloos + Bluetooth Optisch 7200 DPI

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Geo-optimaliseed your zowel werk als ontspanning. The Razer Atheris is packaged with zooal functions to provide stable signal, dual-connectivity, and up to 300 continuous hours of operation, all of which are ergonomically designed and can be leveraged to improve productivity. Wanneer je voortdurend reist voor het werk, deruk met vergaderingen, il je neet zorgen te maken over het vervangen van batterijen. This is the Razer Atheris version and it is about 300% longer than the previous generation. With 7,200 DPI optical sensor height of Razer Atheris, the higher DPI is on your mobile. Het geeft je extreme nauwkeurigheid en gelooflijke controle over spreadsheets of headshots. From extra resolution werkt perfect for more monitors in zelfs 4K-schermen en verder. Met Razer's new technology from Razer Atheris to provide transmission stability. Due to the fact that I am in a coffee shop in the country, there are more frequent appearances in the store, but there is a solid connection.

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