MSI B550-A PRO moederbord AMD B550 Socket AM4 ATX

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Ontdek de MSI B550-A PRO, een AMD-moderbord ontworpen voor de Socket AM4-processor. Dit moederbord is compatible with 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen™ 3, 5, 7, en 9 processors and provides services for gamers and content creators. Said to be on the DDR4-SDRAM base, it has a maximum capacity of 128 GB. From DIMM-geheugenslots we have the possibility to provide optimal performance. When you opt for MSI B550-A PRO SATA III interfaces, you can see HDD's and SSD's being replaced. Daarnaast ondersteunt dit moederbord 2-Way CrossFireX, which is ideal for intensive graphics taken.

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