MEM Silicon Power 8GB DDR4 3200 Mhz CL22 SODIMM

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If you upgrade the system further, you have to worry about the current system being installed. It is DDR4-technology which means that it is also used, DDR3, which has more bandwidth and more energy-efficiency. If you want to upgrade your data-intensive program, you will be able to download it quickly and easily. However, this is a possible remedy for your laptop, but it can also cause energy consumption and the damage caused by the system hardware. We have upgraded the DDR4 SODIMM series for a slimmer energy source with a 1.2V voltage. Dit vermindert het stroomverbruik en vergelijking met de vorige DDR3 1.5V module. However, the temperature of the laptop is slightly higher, the temperature increases, and the stability is increased by the hardware system. Benieuwd of my new module so that it functions in my new rig of vertical or laptop? This DDR4 SODIMM series is compatible with een breed scala on laptops. If the module is not installed, it will be rebooted in blue and the module is unstable. Component for: Notebook, Internal size: 8 GB, Geheugenlayout (modules x format): 1 x 8 GB, Internal geheugentype: DDR4, Current speed: 3200 MHz, Geheugen form factor: 260-pin SO-DIMM, CAS-latency: 22

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