Logitech MX Master 3S with Rechthandig RF-draadloos + Bluetooth Laser 8000 DPI

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Maak kennis met style klikken: creëer, maak en doe met hetzelfde klikgevoel, maar dan met minder geluid. Stil clicken levert aangename, zachte tactiele feedback met 90% minder klikgeluid. Combining this with a different style, an electromagnetic MagSpeed-scrollwiel will allow you to change the current position. MX Master 3S is equipped with eleven new sensors, with high accuracy and responsiveness. The optical sensor with 8000 dpi track is overal, only in the dark. Electromagnetic scrolling with MagSpeed ​​is at the precise moment when a pixel can be stopped at 1000 speeds per second when scrolling. O ja, en het is bijna stil. If you are working, you will see that there is a slight tactility in the air and it is dynamic enough to do what I want, but it does not work. The MX Master 3S lasts for about 70 days at a time of 70 minutes. Werk comfortabel met een ergonomics silhouette dat is ontworpen om je handpalm en vingers te ondersteunen. Gestructurde oppervlakken biden een een een tuwbare grip for total control. The seat cover of the MX Master 3S is placed in a natural houding for greater comfort. The optimal location for direct, intuitive operation is easy to navigate. The scroll wheel is a part of the natural environment that allows you to navigate intuitively horizontally.

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