Logitech M220 muis Ambidextrous RF Draadloos Optisch 1000 DPI

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Krijg al je werk gedaan zonder iets te missen de iemand te storesn. Still, most of the time you have air conditioning, it may be over 90% of the time. However, you can wear the style over the desk. This means that the screen remains complete. Still, you can make sure that you are overheated, and your productivity will be stimulated. Maak says I'm having an irritating klik. Vrienden en famille zullen je nankbaar zijn. Met hetzelfde klikgevoel maar dan 90% stiller dan regular muizen kunnen jij en de mensen om je heen van een stillere ervaring genieten. These items contain high-quality materials and rubber that can be easily removed from the scroll. De draadloze verbinding werkt tot op 10 meter afstand dankzij een plug-en-forget-nano-ontvanger. The M220 SILENT is designed to provide optical tracking by Logitech® for which it is not available. Gedoe, geen software vereist. Werkt met Windows®, Mac, Chrome OS™ of Linux®-computers. The battery lasts longer and the energy is lowered (circa 18 March). The M220 SILENT is automatically activated and will not be activated. The symmetry also provides greater comfort and accuracy on the touchpad. This small format is ideal for you. Logitech also has one of the following Quiet Mark certifications for eleven still users. Dit international keurmerkprogramma van de Noise Abatement Society in het Verenigd Koninkrijk richt zich op technology die bedoeld is om lawaai te verminderen.

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