Logitech Lift muis Rechthandig RF-draadloos + Bluetooth Optisch 4000 DPI

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Now you can do it right. It's intuitively comfortable and easy to use, but it's still very comfortable, especially for your little ones in mid-sized hands. From the 57-degree hoist of the Lift, tilt and tilt it to the right position - in the shortest time the comfort of the golf course will be on and off. Scrolls are naturally tweedy with SmartWheel, which is overloaded with new scrolls. No Lift ergo but with intuitive Logi Options+ Software. Wijs eenvoudig van de 4 gemakkelijk te bereiken aanpasbare knoppen toe aan een handige snelkoppeling - programmer ze om te veranderen als je tussen apps schakelt. Maak verbinding mit maximaal 3 apparaten en wissel eenvoudig tussen deze apparaten mit één en klik op de knop. And Logitech Flow knows that it's overloaded and it's overloaded, and it's best and it's overloaded and it's overloaded. Lift is compatible with other best operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, Linux) and is ideal for your comfort - it has a two-year AA battery.

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