Logitech K400 Plus toetsenbord RF Draadloos QWERTY Nederlands Zwart

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The Logitech K400 Plus has a large tooth board and is a compact tooth board for you to use. Said toetsenbord is not worn by you in the woonkamer and is uitgerust met een touchpad waarmee je eenvoudig de muis kunt bedienen. Even if it provides connectivity in the battery, it also provides flexibility in the battery. The compact format of the Logitech K400 Plus is past two versions of the tablet. The toetsenbord contains QWERTY-indeling met Nederlandse toetsen, waardoor je snel en gemakkelijk kunt typen. The touchpad has special functions, you can scroll and zoom, and you can navigate through your page. The length of the Logitech K400 Plus is 10 meters, so you can see the cables listed below. The battery on the front edge is also indrukwekkend, with a maximum of 18 times on 2 AA batteries.

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