Logitech C615 webcam 8 MP 1920 x 1080 Pixels USB 2.0 Black

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It's beautiful and it's in HD (Full HD 1080p). Hoe, wat en waar u maar wilt. Vloeiender. Scherper. Rijker. Helderder. Fluid Crystal™-technology from Logitech. A Logitech-webcam is located outside of the rest. Watch the video, watch the sound, light the color and hold it when you see it in the last minute. Operation in Full HD 1080p You can also choose to add video-opnames in Full HD 1080p with autofocus. Bellen met beeld in HD 720p Geniet van video in breedbeeld HD 720p met de meeste angevende IM-toepassingen en Logitech Vid™ HD. HD for Facebook® You can watch it in HD uploads (1080p) on Facebook, Twitter™ and YouTube®, and you can watch it in your family when you watch it. Windows®? Mac®? Ja. iChat®? Skype™? FaceTime®? Opnieuw, ja. This webcam works with a computer and popular software for you to use.

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