Logitech C505 HD Webcam

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Now you can install a laptop camera on your C505 HD Webcam. This webcam can be viewed, with live video content in HD 720p, with a diagonal angle of 60°, a wide focus and automatic correction which is then corrected and displayed in the same way. The omnidirectional microphone is used to operate the technology in the hands of the operator, and it is always possible to use the meter on the other side, it is safe to say that there are open wires in the earphones. Please note that the webcam has an extra long USB-A-cable with a universal clip on the computer and has a tot op twee meter in place. Logitech C505 controls HD 720p/30 fps breedbeeld video content, 60-grade diagonal angle, wide focus, auto-light correction which is automatically corrected for personal viewing The webcam uses an omnidirectional microphone and a direct-to-consumer technology that is supported by 3 meters at a time, and is controlled by remote control. C505 basic webcam has flexible bevestigingsopties with extra long USB-A cable in universal clip; zet hem stevig vast op een laptop, desktop, of ergens anders tot op wel 2m afstand

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