Inter-Tech H-606 Micro Tower Black

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This new version is H-606 and is the perfect basis for your PC system. De geluidsgeïsoleerde behuizing werd ontwikkeld voor stille systemen en est daarom ideal pour gebruik en een geluidsarme omgeving. The compact version has a Micro-ATX standard, it has external drive bays, and it has a long 32cm graphic. Standard insulated mats should be placed on the floor, and the graphics should be placed on a 120mm fan with an extremity of the design in the system. If you have any graphics you need to know, your graphics will be able to appear on some plates and you will see some rust and rust. In de twee achterste hard disk bays vinden dewel twee 3,5" HDD's (schroefloos) de twee 2,5" SSD's hun plaats. It is possible to integrate the insulation of the materials into the two panels and to provide optimum protection against the installation of the components on the toe. When you place the plates in the outside tunnel, they are placed on the edge of the graphics, and are placed on four trilling absorbent pads. You will be able to find out if there are any restrictions on the stuff you need.

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