Goodram CX400 gen.2 2.5" 1024 GB SATA III 3D TLC NAND

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You can now operate the CX400 gen.2 Solid State Drive. When the CX400 gen.2 is turned on, you should be aware of the fact that the CX400 gen. GOODRAM presents the latest generation of popular SSD's, special for those in use. CX400 gen. 2 is the name of the new SSD-series that is used in the latest versions of the SSD series. As soon as my computer manages to operate, it is installed on a hard drive that an SSD can be installed. Het zal jouw computerervaring volledig veranderen. SSD's zijn sneller omdat ze gegevens sneller oproepen, dus ze zorgen voor snellere opstarttijden en sneller laden van apps. GOODRAM CX400 gen. 2 SSDs are available for best service in their current class. This version is used with 3D TLC NAND Flash. Detailed firmware is guaranteed to be fully supported by software installed, consisting of and stored in the software.

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