CHERRY KC 6000C FOR MAC toetsenbord USB QWERTY Amerikaans Engels Zilver

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The CHERRY KC 6000C keyboard is a special keyboard board designed for Mac computers. The keyboard board is on a USB port and is QWERTY-independent. Het snoer heeft een lengte van 1.8 m. The CHERRY KC 6000C toe board is equipped with high-quality materials and is not durable. Of the towels you need to be comfortable and comfortable, you should buy one type of diaper when you wear it. De toetsen zijn ook voorzien van een chtergrondverlichting, zodat je ook in het donker kunt blijven werken. Met the JK-1620US-1 CHERRY KC 6000C FOR MAC toetsenbord you can use it when navigating on your Mac door. The keyboard board also has special buttons for your Mac, Mission Control and Launchpad functions. Please note that the CHERRY KC 6000C must be supplied with the following instructions: USB-connected in QWERTY-indeling, it is possible to use it on your computer: - Gemaakt van hoogwaardige materialen en zeer durzaam. - Comfortable and easy to install for your computer's diapers. - Special buttons for your Mac. - Perfect for professional and personal use.

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