AOC G3 U34G3XM/EU LED display 86.4 cm (34") 3440 x 1440 Pixels UltraWide Quad HD Black, Rood

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An indrukwekkend scherm met a diagonal of 86.4 cm (34 inch) and I was placed in a slightly different direction. With UltraWide Quad HD-resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, you can see the color of your entertainment. Meter beeldverhouding van 21:9 is the AOC G3-display perfect for multitasking and it can be viewed in game films. I can see more of these things when they are opened and they have been taken into account. De brede kijkhoek zorgt ervoor dat je vanuit vrijwel elke positie een helder beeld hebt. Said display can also be heard at 144 Hz, which may be heard at any time when the words are heard. Of course, I don't have a game, the video's content is very good, I can see that it's happening in response. The AOC G3-display is carefully designed for ergonomics. Met de verstelbare standard kun je het scherm aanpassen aan de ideale kijkhoek en hoogte voor een comfortabele werkhouding. Please note that the LowBlue-modus version will cause you to change it, but it will not be damaged. The AOC G3 LED-display combines functionality and functionality. The black frame is accentuated by the modern, dynamic layout that is perfect for the gaming setup.

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