Antec VSK4000B-U2/U3 computerbehuizing Desktop Black

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We also have new systems that we have installed in the VSK4000E by Antec. Gebouwd met duurzaam, gegalvaniseerd staal, est de VSK4000E een sterke behuizing bedoeld om meerdere builds zonder mankeren mee te gaan. The VSK4000E is also equipped with component parts that are equipped with water heaters, 120 mm ventilator mounted on the pump, 120 mm fan mounted on the pump, 120 mm ventilator mounted on the pump and the Intel® Thermally Advantaged Chassis ( TAC ) 2.0 richtlijnen. It is possible to use the USB 2.0 poor, Audio In/Out can be used in any way. Ondersteunde afmetingen derste radiatorventilator: 120 mm, Ondersteunde afmetingen achterste radiatorventilator: 120 mm. Ondersteunde HDD-groottes: 3.5". Length: 185 mm, Diepte: 412 mm, Hoogte: 440 mm. Load capacity: 6 kg

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