Antec P5 Micro Tower Black

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The P5 micro-ATX is equipped with many components that are available for storage - in which you have high-end PC components and ideal hardware configurations for you. Your panel has a metallic effect. Het scharnierende voorpaneel en de zijnpanelen zijn bekleed met geavanceerd, geluidsabsorberend bitumen en geluidsisolationend shuim, zodat services en style en perfecte balans zijn. Vermogenstoevoer location: Bodem. Total installed fans: 1x 140 mm, Most installed fans with diameters: 120,140 mm, Most installed fans: 1x 120 mm. Ondersteunde HDD-groottes: 2.5,3.5". Breedte: 195 mm, Diepte: 475 mm, Hoogte: 395 mm.

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